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Are you on the hunt for a home in Fishers, Indiana or maybe even less populated parts of Indiana? How’s your search going? Have you discovered yet, that some of the homes listed for sale are not actually on some of those sites and tools you use? Or maybe even found a house you love only to discover that it sold...9 months ago? What’s up with that??!

As you begin your search, one thing to understand is how that data (that information) gets out there in the first place. Typically when someone lists their home with an agent it gets entered into what locally is called the BLC (Broker Listing Cooperative) - which is the same thing as the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Locally they wanted to brand their own name to something that already has a name, with a name that means the exact same thing as the first name. Yeah - I know. You probably don’t care, and why should you, that particular bit, has very little to do with you.


So the listing goes into the BLC, which is what we agents use to locate and advertise homes for sale - it is basically a big cooperative agreement between brokers. From here, this data goes out to a variety of third party websites - like realtor.com, trulia, zillow, every member broker that has a website, which is probably just about all of them. Some, don’t send their listing data to Zillow or Trulia, because these websites usually list several other agents and make it look like one of them is marketing the property. (It’s a big battle - long story and again, you probably don’t care, because you just want to buy a house). This, however, is why you sometimes can’t find that house for sale on your Zillow app - even though you’re standing right in front of the house and can see the sign in the yard.

Now there are a variety of apps and websites out there that have updated information that you can use - but I’d like to offer if I may, direct access to the broker that sold more real estate last year than the the next 3 competitors combined! Yes, that’s correct - when it comes to selling real estate, we know what we’re doing because we do it more than anyone else.

Click Here to access that information directly on your browser. Or send this link to your phone and you will see a link to download it from your app store (apple or android)<http://app.talktotucker.com/PR.c.h?agent_dpn=302302>.

Start your search where you know you will see ALL the properties that are currently offered!


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