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How much is my home worth?


Is your home value not quite right?

Have you ever heard of Zillow? If you’ve ever looked at houses online, odds are you have visited their website. Zillow, is really an advertising company but they don’t make money advertising homes for sale, however. They make their money selling advertising space to real estate agents like me. Once they get the data on the property the sell little ad spaces to real estate agents so that if you are interested you click on the little box and reach out to one of them.

They usually have at least 3 of the agents listed, and sometimes they will have the Listing agent listed there as well. All of this is well and good until you discover that when you search for Homes for sale in Fishers, IN - they all not all there. You see, the websites are only as useful as the data that they have and there is quite a decent percentage of inventory that just doesn’t show up on Zillow. To make matters worse, Zillow has this thing called the “Zestimate”, perhaps you’ve heard of that as well. It’s a dollar amount that their algorithm assigns to the property. The key part of the word is “estimate” it’s just a starting point and it’s only as accurate as the data. If you remove the data, you remove the accuracy. Currently Zillow itself gives its Zestimate an accuracy rating of 1 star out of 5 - that’s kind of like an F.

So when you go to list your home, buyers look it up on Zillow and find a zestimate that is quite inaccurate....

Winter Home Maintenance Tasks



Now that we are neck deep in winter - hopefully not neck deep in snow, but maybe for some. Do you have a maintenance list to take care of your home? Did you know that there are some simple things you can do to make sure that this big investment is taken care of? Some symptoms that might be diagnosed and solved before they become serious and expensive problems.

This list is by no means complete! But hopefully it gets you started with some regular check up and maintenance items.


Often times we are in such a hurry to get into the house - we miss somethings that are happening on the exterior parts of the house.

  • Poke your head into the attic spaces. (These spaces should be cold - really within in about 5 degrees of the outside temp - if it’s not, you may have some insulation issues.

  • While you’re up there, shine a light on the upper surfaces to see if there is any moisture. This should be a dry space, if there is moisture - that’s something you’re going to want a roofer to look into. Could be ventilation issues, could be insulation issues - either way, you have issues.

  • Are all your outdoor lights working?

  • Take a peek at your exterior - does everything look ok?


Since we are kind of locked up in our houses this time of year...